Mark Ray, Writer

Not From Around Here Cover

So what's my story? At the moment, it's an 84,000-word novel called Not From Around Here.

Not From Around Here tells the story of Chas Newcomb, who'd always dreamed of life as a classical radio host in his native Midwest but is instead living a Southern gothic nightmare.

As the book opens, Chas is stuck playing "classic" country music at WUWU-FM, a spectacularly mediocre station housed in a Salvia, Mississippi, funeral parlor. Chas tries desperately to escape the South, but gradually falls in love with Southern cooking, Southern culture, and a deeply rooted Southern girl. When a satellite radio service threatens the station's future, Chas must choose between flight and fight, North and South, violins and fiddles, downtown and down home.

Through Chas's eyes, the book explores the quirks of small-town life, the true meaning of home, and what happens when you find yourself putting down roots in a most unexpected place. The publishing rights to Not From Around Here are currently available. For more information, contact me at