Mark Ray, Writer


So what's my story? At the moment, it’s an 83,000-word novel called Not From Around Here.

Chas Newcomb dreamed of life as a classical host at a top NPR affiliate. Instead he’s living the nightmare, spinning classic country hits at a third-rate station housed in a Mississippi funeral home. He falls in love with Southern cooking, Southern culture, and a deeply rooted Southern belle, which is good, but then must save the station with a motley crew that includes an Elvis impersonator, a school bus mechanic who moonlights as a deejay, a repo man (and parttime dental hygienist), and a Bach-loving crop-duster, which is challenging to say the least.

Through Chas’s eyes, the book explores the quirks of small-town life, the true meaning of home, and what happens when you find yourself putting down roots in a most unexpected place. The publishing rights to Not From Around Here are currently available.